1-Minute Beauty Hack: Mika Reyes Tries This Awesome Concealer Trick

beautyhack_featured_image2 Concealers are like little magic wands. One flick instantly brightens–whether it’s undereye circles, uneven blotches, or dull corners. Because sometimes, we need nothing less than magic to remedy the damage on our skin. Here, volleyball star Mika Reyes shows us 2 brightening concealer tricks that you can easily do under a minute. Ready to give your face the lift that it needs? Shop for these BYS products to get Mika’s look: 
10-aug-bys-revealed-mu-b-3 Concealer Tube

If you’re looking for blendable full coverage, opt for this liquid concealer from BYS. Apply like a foundation, but in smaller areas.

bys Contour Palette Crème

This contour palette by BYS has six universal crème shades to suit all skin tones– three highlight and three contour shades all packed in one classy tin. Its silky smooth formula is blendable, and leaves you with a perfect satin finish.

BYS Blush Brush Blush Brush

This makeup brush has slanted loose bristles perfectly shaped for applying your blush or contouring your cheeks.

BYS Blending Sponge

Blending Sponge

This beauty sponge is key for creating that flawless finish. It will help you easily blend liquid products to avoid looking too cakey.


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