Retail Radar: Hong Kong’s Dopest Store Opens In U. P. Town Center

POPCORN_FEAUTRED The freshest kids in the north are camping out and braving long lines in U.P. Town Center’s newest store addition. Popcorn General Store, commonly known for being “the” streetwear hub in the Mongkok District, pitches its second branch for all hypebeasts and hypebaes to enjoy.

What’s poppin’ in their newest branch? Expect the illest threads from cult favorite brands like SUPREME, Rip N’ Dip, ASSC, Palace, and the best of the Mongkok District street scene. Here are 3 finds you can only find in streetwear heaven.

1. Designer Collaboration Tees


2. Statement Snapbacks


3. Limited Edition Sneakers

    sneakers_popcorn_vans-supreme Visit the U.P. Town Center branch of Popcorn General Store and strike urban streetwear gold! Follow Popcorn General Store on Instagram and on Facebook.

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