2 Facial Treatments That Will Finally Solve Your Skin Care Woes

These days, it seems as if there is always a new beauty product or treatment that advertises itself as something one simply must try out. To be honest, it can be quite overwhelming, even for someone who works in the beauty industry. This brings us to one important question to ponder on: who should you really trust when it comes to your skin?

A brand that many Filipinas have trusted over the past three decades is skincare and beauty clinic Facial Care Centre. With their premium non-invasive skin care treatments, they offer something for every type of beauty concern, ranging from skin-rejuvenating facials to laser treatments.

They recently opened a new branch in Binondo and it’s definitely classy and extra spacious, which is designed to give guests maximum comfort.

In addition to this, FCC also introduces two new exciting beauty innovations: the Deep Brightening Glow Treatment and the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy.

Their Deep Brightening Glow is the first of its kind, featuring 14 laser modalities that operate at 4 laser wavelengths. This is done to brighten one’s skin in different areas of the body, from treating “panda eyes” to dark underarms and acne marks.

My first introduction to FCC was through their Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, which immediately piqued my interest as it was slightly different compared to all the other facials I’ve tried. Powered by the world’s first and only TDA system (transdermal application), pure oxygen and anti-aging serum is sprayed into the deepest layers of your skin at supersonic speed. In the days that followed, I noticed a healthier, more youthful glow on my skin, encouraging me to step out my door with a barely made-up face!

FCC prides itself on its subtlety–empowering customers by simply enhancing their features and not doing anything too drastic to their looks. With all their effective treatments, it’s time to banish those trust issues and give your skin the care it needs.

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