3 Baby Steps to Curb Your Coffee Addiction


Let’s set the record straight: coffee isn’t bad for you. While often written off as a necessary evil, it is a superfood packed with anti-oxidants and anti-aging benefits. On top of numerous health benefits and an energy punch, it seems like a good old cup of joe could do no wrong. So why is coffee always written off as a bad thing?

While a daily cup of coffee can help boost productivity and keep diseases at bay, it has the potential to become extremely addicting due to its caffeine content. At the risk of headaches, high blood pressure or heart attacks due to too much caffeine, we say it’s always good to take a brave step back and detach ourselves from our coffee dependency.


Coffee purists be damned, transitioning from regular drinks to decaffeinated variations is one of the easiest ways to seamlessly pull away from caffeine addiction. Too attached to the buzz your espresso gives you? Opt for the less common half-caf, and work your way to decaf coffee from there.


Hardly anybody succeeds in quitting caffeine cold turkey. Instead of kissing your coffee goodbye all at once, lessen your intake gradually. Slowly turn your three cups into two before shimmying it down to a single cup per day.


Don’t deprive yourself of the energy kick caffeine gives you. Rather than wiping your diet clean of coffee, substitute the stuff with green tea, a healthier caffeine source. If that isn’t quite your cup of tea, replace your morning cup with an afternoon power nap or an endorphin-inducing workout.

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