3 Beauty Hacks Every Working Girl Needs To Know

It’s easy to get self-conscious when you’re faced with a beauty mishap, especially in cases when you have to meet several people at work. While our trusty bottles of dry shampoo, lip scrub, and serum are far from our reach, there are actually items in your bag (or your stash drawer) that make up the perfect quick fix

Problem # 1: Flaky Lips 

Quick fix: Face wipes

No matter how good your lip balm works, there’s nothing quite like exfoliation to smoothen the lips. But let’s face it, nobody has time to rub their lips with sugar. Instead, reach for your trusty face wipes in your handbag, and conveniently slough away dead skin. Its fine texture will smoothen your pout without tugging it. Plus, it’s extra hydrating too! 

Simple Micellar Wipes

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes, PHP 299, Watsons

Problem # 2: Greasy hair 

Quick fix: Baby powder 

If ever you find yourself with oily hair by midday, consider baby powder as your new dry shampoo substitute. Pour a good amount of powder on your hands and rub it through your locks until it’s unnoticeable. You’ll degrease your hair in no time! 

Johnsons Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder, Watsons 

Problem # 3: Dry Patches  

Quick fix: Petroleum jelly 

Dry patches are a mortal enemy of your glowing complexion. When moisturizing isn’t enough, keep a bottle of heavy-duty balm a.k.a. petroleum jelly on your desk to instantly treat dry, flaky spots (think your nose or lip areas). Take note: applying it all over your face will obviously make your skin look oily, so we recommend using it only for spot-treating. 

Apollo Petroleum Jelly

Apollo Petroleum Jelly, Mercury Drug 

Featured image: @lizzzuy

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