3 Celeb-Inspired Ways To Get Out Of A Workout Rut

Celeb-Inspired-Ways-To-Get-Out-Of-A-Workout-RutDoes working out feel like a chore rather than a release? If yes, you’re stuck in a workout rut. Committing yourself to exercise is never easy (we’ve been there), but shaking things up can get you out of the rut. Fitness advocates Anne CurtisDaniel Matsunaga, Lauren Reid and more have recently been making things a lot more fun and less draining, and here’s how to do so yourself:
1. Try different workouts. 

Spice up your routine with a variety of workouts! It assures that your muscles won’t get used to the same movements, leading to less fatigue and more well-rounded toning. Try going on circuit trainings (Laureen Uy and Daniel Matsunaga swear by this)!

Here’s what basically happens every session: a personal trainer would set up a number of stations with different equipment (kettle ball, ropes, etc), then a couple of gym-goers will have to go through the consecutive timed exercises per station. The pacing is quick, and the constant switching makes it the perfect full body workout.

2. Sweat together. 
Can’t get yourself to hit the gym? Easy, get workout buddies! Not only will you get a dose of motivation from each other, you’ll also enjoy the bonding that comes with it! It Girls Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff and the rest have been working out in a pack, trying out fun workouts like a group push-up. Lauren Reid has also been working out with her gang Kiana Valenciano and Sam Concepcion (to name a few) with Guava Pass MNL (this company lets you experience different classes–from Pilates to Muay Thai–at different fitness studios). Workout-It-Girls
3. Eat normally!

The final motivation you need? Burn as much, so you can eat as much too. In our interview with health buffs Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga, they revealed that they actually eat everything. Despite having toned abs and built arms, Daniel surprisingly loves all the crave-worthy meals from pizza to pasta–he just makes sure to double the workout. As cliché it may sound, the key is always a balanced diet!

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In-article images: Isabelle Daza | Laureen Uy