3 Cool New Things You Can Do With Instagram

ig_featured_image Instagram is totally upping its game, and we love it! When the social media app first introduced Instagram Stories three months ago, we weren’t sure if we liked how it was kind of a rip-off of Snapchat. It took some of us a little while to warm up to it. But you know, we can’t deny the fact that it’s fun and convenient (no need to switch to another app) and pretty soon, we were all into it. But of course, Instagram means business, so they’re not stopping there, and instead giving us more. Here are the three new features that come with the app’s latest update
1. Take a Boomerang video right inside Instagram
img_5369 When you open Instagram Stories, you’ll notice a new format picker right under the record button that lets you select the Boomerang mode. Choose Boomerang, tap record, and share away!
2. Tag people in your stories
img_5370 It works the same way as it does in captions and comments. Type “@” plus the username and select the friend you want to tag.
3. Add links to your stories
2c3c5430-8984-0134-18ee-060e3e89e053 This is not available for everyone at the moment, but if you’re one of the first users who can access this feature, you can attach a hyperlink to your story so you can redirect your followers to an article, a YouTube video, etc.

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