3 Cool Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner Now

eyeliner Call it a winged liner or a cat eye, this look isn’t anything a true beauty girl hasn’t tried. But just when we thought that this classic style is as simple as it gets, you might want to rethink that. Lately, the beauty world has been breaking the rules–think unfinished cat eyes, or ‘reversed’ liners that don’t fail to make anyone do a double take. We’re not talking about over-the-top graphic liners that only look good in pictures–in fact, these looks are wearable in real life too. Take it from these style mavens below who ditched the boring black cat eye:
1. The Reversed Liner
Why choose between a bold lip or a dramatic eye makeup when you can do both? Instead of a regular wing, a shock of blue liner under your lash line steals the show. It adds depth and mystery to your makeup–the slight changes makes a huge difference.
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2.   The Daring Cat Eye 
Say goodbye to the classic black wing. For a scene-stealing moment, makeup artist Anthea Bueno paints the cat eye in electrifying pink. The result? It creates a bold look, worthy to be worn for cocktail hours. This eye makeup can be worn as it is, so you won’t be needing that eye shadow palette.
3. The Double Wing 

The drama is always on the details. Take it up a notch by adding another line on top of your flick. Reach for a white liner as it brightens your peepers just as much as it adds edge to your black cat-eye–it’s the winning combo you might have never tried. It looks better when it’s crisp, so make sure to clean up the shape using a cotton swab.

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