3 Essentials You Need For A Cozy Netflix Marathon This Weekend

Who says that staying in for the long weekend has to be boring? There are many things to keep yourself busy with, such as planning a night of binge-watching films on Netflix with your girls.

If this is your first time to throw a movie marathon night, don’t forget to factor in these three essentials:

1. A common theme

What type of films are you planning to watch? Since Halloween is coming up, a good idea would be to stock up on horror films. Other suggestions: binge-watching the latest series of your favorite show or a sad movie marathon (recommended with a bottle of wine).

2. Lots of pillows

Comfort is key. Many tend to overlook this area, but making sure that your guests are all snuggled up will lead the way to a successful movie marathon.

3. Something delicious to munch on

The food you serve your guests is probably the most important item on the list. Why not go for something indulgent like the Greenwich Bacon Overload Pizza? Get maximum flavor out of every bite, as this mouthwatering dish is cheesy and will leave you with that smoky bacon taste. The massive bacon upgrade will surely hit the spot. After all, who can say no to pizza?

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