3 Facial Mask Mistakes You’re Probably Making

3 Facial Mask Mistakes You're Probably Making There’s nothing quite like relaxing while getting prettier with a face mask on. It’s the perfect skin care routine that barely requires much effort. Although applying it seems easy as it looks, there are often overlooked steps that actually do more harm than good on your skin. When used improperly, you’re not getting the most out of these purifying sheets. So steer clear of these face mask mistakes, stat.

1. Failing to prep your skin. 

Have you ever applied a face mask on unwashed skin? It may seem a good idea to wash it off all at once, but it won’t do good on your face. This will trap any impurities or dirt, forcing them to go deeper into your skin. Starting with a freshly cleansed and toned base will let your face mask work even better!

2. Leaving it on your face for too long. 

Yes, it actually matters. Leaving your face mask for more than the recommended time on its packaging can make things worse. It can dry out your skin, causing it to also release more pore-clogging oil. As the common saying goes, too much of anything is bad.

3. Washing off the leftover. 

Noticed the sticky residue once you take off the mask? Maximize the benefits of these masks by absorbing the excess essence. Instead of washing it off, gently massage your face until it’s fully absorbed by your skin.

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