These 3 Hilarious Local Podcasts Will Spice Up Your Downtime


What? Podcasts are still a thing? They should be, given the abysmal traffic situation in Manila. Listening to these goofballs banter about anything under the sun will make passing time a pleasure. If you’re bored, curious, or have ADHD, it’s time to hit that subscribe button–you’ll be laughing out loud and learning new things while getting to know the who’s who of Manila’s social scene.

1. The Cave

Hosted by Erwan Heussaff, Marc Nelson, Rovilson Fernandez, Stephen Ku

You can almost smell the testosterone wafting through your screen. The concept is simple: four guys in their mancave talking about a socially relevant topic with a beautiful female guest host. But what makes this podcast special is the chemistry between the four hosts–they spit out inside jokes (often directed at club owner Stephen Ku) and surprisingly intelligent insights effortlessly.

2. Two Girls One Cup

Hosted by Maxine Eigenmann and Nicole Asensio

No, not that video. Nicole Asensio of all-female band General Luna and actress Max Eigenmann are goofy buddies who aren’t afraid to get gross with their guests. The podcast, literally, is just two girls discussing topics they pick out from a cup–but it’s damn good fun.

3. Good Times With Mo

Hosted by Mo Twister

If you don’t know Mo Twister, you’re either too young, too clean, or too normal. The fast-talking, controversial radio DJ is never boring as he picks the brains of the hottest celebrities. His infamous 40 Forbidden Questions segment is enough to make you plug in.

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