3 Life Hacks From Enderun’s Very Own Hotel Power Woman

Born with warm Italian hospitality running in her veins, Arianna Colamonici-Kaimo molds her career around her love for the hotel industry. A graduate from Enderun Colleges last 2014, Arianna has had the privilege of working in 5-star hotel Manila Marriot Hotel and now calls Privato Hotel home as the General Manager. To what does the fearless female owe her rise to the top? Arianna shares her 3 life hacks of how she built her career and spoiler: it all roots back to school.

1. Be comfortable in a crowd, any crowd.

Whether your audience is big or small, practicing your confidence while speaking in front of a crowd really can really prep you for the real world. Defenses and constant preparation were the norm in Enderun as Arianna met with business owners for reports and public discussions.

2. Always go back to basics.

Perfect your knowledge of the hotel basics before anything else. Hotels may differ in name and structure but most are bound by the same principles in their industry. Establish the foundation of your career with good pillars taught in your higher education and go back to it every so often.

3. Mix work and play.

Like anyone in business would know, hotel management can cause some serious burn outs. Keep a good work-life balance routine while keeping hundreds of guests at bay. Explore, travel, indulge in good food, and bask in social gatherings as Arianna would do while she was studying and as she does now. Enderun Colleges is located at 1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Visit the site here and build your career around international hospitality and business administration. In-article photos from: Pixabay and Pexels

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