3 Netflix Series To Binge-Watch Guiltlessly

Slip into your comfiest sleepwear, grab a snack and cuddle up–we found new series that won’t take too much time for you to finish. From the new teen drama in town to another zombie show, these binge-worthy series will light up your week!

1. Riverdale 

This teen drama adds a mysterious spin to the popular Archie comics. It maintains the iconic characters and the same love triangle, but this series got a whole new story to tell. If you’re a fan of murder mysteries like Pretty Little Liars, you might want to give this a try.

2. Black Mirror

 Have you been too attached to your phone lately? This sci-fi series will serve as an eye-opener. It explores people’s twisted attachment to technology and where it can take us in the near-future. This series might be a little disturbing, but what makes it interesting is that it can actually happen in real life. If you want to watch a series that’s anything but light, you’d enjoy Black Mirror.

3. Santa Clarita Diet

In this horror-comedy series, California real estate agent Drew Barrymore wakes up one day to realize that she’s a zombie. While the genre isn’t new, anyone who enjoys a good zombie fix will not be disappointed. This series has the right mix of humor and horror. And of course, who wouldn’t want to see Drew Barrymore back onscreen?


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