3 Stylish Celebrity Homes to Inspire You

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-4-42-51-pm Peeking inside celebrity homes is strangely exhilarating in a voyeuristic kind of way. What goes on behind closed doors? Where do these awesome people rest their heads at night? People of great style must have stylish homes too–it’s just the way it is. These pieces of real estate are an extension of themselves, sometimes even more so than their wardrobe. If you happen to admire these three celebrities for their charisma, worldly charms and impeccable taste, take a peek.
1. Amber Chia

The Malaysian model, actress, TV host, and brand ambassador is as stylish as multi-hyphenates get. Her home is an ultramodern fairytale playbox fit for an ultramodern princess, complete with a floor-to-ceiling portrait of herself and a neatly organized walk-in closet. And a little (or a lot) of pink can’t hurt.

2. Marc Nelson

Like fine wine, the Burmese-Thai-Australian TV host gets better with age. Having lived all over the world (but still Filipino-at-heart), his cultured taste can be seen in the meaningful furniture and strange finds.

3. Andrea Savage

What better home to raid than that of a celebrity home designer? An eclectic mix of masculine and feminine, urban and animalistic, with pops of color and risky pieces–Andrea’s home is the epitome of style. If you could translate Andrea’s home aesthetic into your wardrobe, you’d be the trendsetter everyone watches out for.

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