3 Chic Ways to Wear Red, White and Blue

RedBlueWhiteFashion_featured_image Let’s be real–it’s easier to stick to a monochrome wardrobe (black will always go with white and vice-versa), but we can’t ever ignore the power of wearing color. When everything seems dull, a dash of bright hue instantly gives you that boost–taking your look from boring to refreshing. And with all the festivities for the Fourth of July coming in, it serve as a bold reminder to infuse more colors to your OOTDs! Here are 3 fool-proof outfit ideas:
1. Oversized Tee

Elevate your lazy look by going for brighter hues–trust us, it can offset any laid-back silhouette. Think pairing a bold oversized tee with matching bright cocktail-worthy heels and you’ll achieve that not-so-laid-back OOTD. Notice how blogger Alexandra Spencer looked cool and chic in a Celine Reebok hockey jersey?

Oversized Tee
2. Accessories

Ahoy Matey! Incorporating vivid touches of accessories is also another way to infuse color to your look. Take it from blogger Blair Eadie’s nautical-inspired ensemble. Her red scarf, flats, woven hat, sunnies and sling bag added a refreshing feminine flair to her otherwise simple-looking striped look.

3.  Pantsuit

Tommy Hilfiger‘s muse, Gigi Hadid, is definitely sticking to the brand’s signature color scheme, but she gave it a cool Gigi twist by wearing it in a pantsuit. If wearing color comes off as too flashy for you, go for structured pieces. P.S. vertical stripes give an illusion of making you look taller and thinner.

Stripeed Pantsuit   Oh, and with all these red, white, and blue fashion talk, we want to greet you a Happy 4th of July! In-Article Images: Whetnails | Blair Eadie | Bella Hadid | GIPHY

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