3 Ways To Cop Issa Pressman’s Versatile Style

Style Tips: Get Issa Pressman's Versatile Look

Being an artist who’s into acting, dancing and singing (even filmmaking and painting), it’s only natural that 19-year-old Issa Pressman doesn’t place boundaries on her sense of style. She can go out in ultra-feminine clothes one day, in street style the next. “I don’t have a particular style. I just have fun with it. Everyday is a different day!”

Scroll down and find inspiration in her versatile style, and read her story here.

How do you style yourself?

 “I buy basic items and what I do is I mix and match it. I love getting plain stuff from H&M and then I’ll mix it up with a jacket.”

Do you have any styling trick?

“I love accessories. Most of the time I wear black pants, black simple boots, and a shirt. But then I wear a lot of accessories. A lot of necklaces, earrings.”

What are the three things in your closet that you think you can never live without?

Shirts, boots and accessories.

*TIP: Plan your outfit before you take a shower.
How do you choose what to wear on a daily basis?

“I have this thing where before I take a bath, I already have a “set” in mind. After showering, I go to my wardrobe to look for that exact set. If I can’t find it, I spend the whole day looking for it. I’m very OC.”


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