3 Ways To Keep Your Hair Color From Fading This Summer

haircolor_featured_image After searching for the hair color of your dreams and patiently sitting in a salon chair for hours, we can’t afford to have our vibrant locks fade too easily. With the sun out and trips to the beach are more frequent, your colored hair is prone to the summertime fade–what with the salt in the sea, the chlorine in the pool, and the damaging rays of the sun. Like your skin, your hair needs a little TLC too! Below, we’ve listed down ways to keep your locks vibrant all summer, without the need to visit the salon again.
1. Treat Coconut Oil as your hair’s sunscreen. 

Surprisingly, the coconut oil in your kitchen cabinet contains a natural hair protectant. It’s SPF may not be enough for your skin, but for the hair, it will do the trick to keep it from fading (plus, retaining the moisture in your strands). Treat this as your hair’s sunscreen when you’re lounging by the beachside. P.S. You can also use coconut oil as an overnight repair mask after a day out in the sun. Apply a teaspoon of the product on the ends of your hair, and run it through your lengths. Tie your hair in a bun and sleep it off!


2. Protect your hair before diving in. 

As much as we love diving into the pool, chlorine can mess up our colored strands. Thoroughly wet your hair and apply conditioner on your locks. Leave it on your hair and head to the pool. Without this step, your locks can easily absorb the chlorine and bleach in the water–think of it as an extra layer of protection that won’t easily budge in the water.


3. Stick to cold water. 

It’s time to let go of our relationship with hot morning showers, and start embracing cool water rinses (the weather is too hot, anyway). Like washing your face with cool water which closes your pores, washing your hair using cold water will keep your hair cuticles closed too–keeping your hair color from fading too easily.


  Featured image: Camille Co In-article images: Huffington Post

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