Fired Up Fragrances: 4 Scents To Build The Perfect Cologne Cabinet


Getting the right perfume or cologne that suits you day until night is a beauty concern that has haunted us since the beginning of time. Worry no more with the trickiest beauty item in the dresser as we give you a run down of all the necessities you’ll need to come up with an unbeatable cologne cabinet. Let your personality shine, or in this case, fill up a room with these 4 magical scents that you can easily interchange all year round.

Bittersweet Symphony

When sampling fragrances, go for the bottle that strikes the balance between sweet and musky. To-die-for scents are able to give the best of both worlds, like mixing together a great batch of citrus zest with the masculine twist of sandalwood.

(Orange Bitters Collection Cologne 100mL – Php 7,560)

Dance With Danger

For those nights when you went to dress up, don’t forget to include your fragrance in the picture! For those ritzy dinners and balls, dabble in a stronger scent that has hints of fruit essences. Make sure the cologne you go for is strong enough for long wear and wont ditch you in the middle of the night!

(Limited Edition Pomegranate Noir Cologne 100mL – Php 7,560)

Doses and Mimosas

Your scent preference is actually an extension of your personality! For fun, flirty scents that are perfect for everyday wear, spritz yourself with a perfect combination of flowers. Choose flowery fragrances sparingly as you don’t want to be likened to a funeral car as you pass by! Choose a dainty scent that with strong notes of blooms that jive with one another.

(Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne 100mL – Php 7,560)

Into The Woods

Go for a change in aroma with your own living space! Cancel out harsh odors with a room spray or candle that adds some personality in the air. Note that fresh and woodsy scents work well in any  home. pine_candle

(Pine and Eucalyptus Candle – Php 11,600)

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