4 Visual Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram for Creative Inspiration

MELODY HANSEN – @themelodyh / melody-hansen.com
Melody Hansen
Photo by CHAPEL
Boasting a dreamy Instagram grid that resembles a serene wonderland, Canadian based graphic designer Melody Hansen is an expert on curating cool landscape photos and fusing colors together to make a visually-striking palette. Aside from her snazzy Instagram feed, Melody’s illustrations are minimalist and motivational. She previously created a book called, “Because Honestly”, a series of drawings and handwritten quotes by her as an outlet to express her thoughts, “inspired by the little things that makes us human”, she states. Outside of her art, Melody is one-half of “Sonagur”, an electro duo with her sister, Gabriela Hansen. SAM BURGESS-JOHNSON – @samuelburgessjohnson / samuelburgessjohnson.com
Sam Burgess-Johnson
Photo by David Drake
If you’ve ever seen those neon signs, pink merch and box set for The 1975, creative director Sam Burgess-Johnson is responsible for all of that visual beauty. The British-born artist and longtime friend of Matthew Healy (who he was co-nominated with for a Grammy for Best Recording Package) works with an array of artists including Tove Lo, Ta-ku, Zedd, and all the bands for The 1975’s label, Dirty Hit. Did we mention that he designed the cover for Connor Franta’s book, Note To Self? Sam is a creative powerhouse who dabbles in multiple mediums including video and photo, illustration, painting, and even pottery. Not only is his Instagram a sight to see with flowers and fluid art, but he also posts adorable stories of his Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog, Allen. POLLY NOR – @pollynor / pollynor.com
Polly Nor
Photo from Juxtapoz Magazine
Polly Nor’s mischievous illustrations are easily absorbed in face value, but as soon as you dig deeper and discover her inspirations behind it, it gets even more intriguing. The London-based illustrator is known for dark, satirical drawings of women and demons as she delves into themes of female sexuality, identity, and struggle of self-love throughout her work. Her art has been featured in major publications such as Dazed, Hunger, Complex, and even Gucci. Polly’s influences range from vintage Halloween items to Japanese erotica and people’s breakup tweets, inciting an apt “SAME” or “ME” reactions from young girls on social media. TISHK BARZANJI –  @tishkbarzanji / tishkbarzanji.co.uk
Tishk Barzanji
Photo from Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan
Kurdish illustrator Tishk Barzanji creates worlds of his own, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. His surrealist, urban landscapes are pastel-hued, which makes them so dazzling from the surface but really reveal a sense of somberness–exploring isolation and anxiety. His interest in architecture and spatial design are truly evident in his illustrations with its geometry and deconstruction–drawing inspiration from ancient history, modernism, and his own experiences since moving to London from Iraq in the 80s. Tishk’s art transports us to a whole other universe – a kaleidoscopic, Ricardo Bofill-crafted dream dimension.

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