4 Ways to Add Christmas Cheer to Your Look


While you’re decorating your homes for the holidays, why not decorate your look too? With a tiny touch of these, you can take the Christmas spirit with you everywhere you go (and spread it around the neighborhood, too!).

1. Glitter

‘Tis the season to add sparkle! Glitter shouldn’t be overdone, so choose only one key piece–your purse, your shoes, your nails or your makeup.


2. Red and Green

Red and green accents can be worn separately, but don’t be afraid to wear them together. In small doses, it can look super chic.


3. Gold and silver

We normally don’t advise piling on gold and silver jewelry, but we’ll make an exception for Christmas. Pull out the bangles, bold necklaces, gold and silver shoes, and even the gold and silver eyeshadow!


4. Fur accents

It doesn’t snow in Manila, but you can still add a touch of faux fur to your outfit. A fur beanie, fur-lined shoes, and a fur bag can make any regular ensemble holiday-worthy.


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