5 Beauty Pageant Q&As We Love

queens_featured_image It’s quite ironic that the final determining factor in beauty pageants is the question and answer portion, because, well, they’re called beauty pageants for a reason. But when the ladies slay their Q&As like this, who are we to complain? Here, we revisit 5 of the most interesting, most endearing, and most quotable ones in Philippine pageant history.
1. Kylie Verzosa’s Miss International 2016 speech

This isn’t really a Q&A, but a memorized speech. We loved it nonetheless–the amount of thought Kylie put into her little gestures and intonation was what sealed the deal.

2. Megan Young’s Miss World 2013 speech

Also not a Q&A, but a monologue on why she should be the next Miss World. Megan’s sparkling spirit shines through those big eyes, and her genuine kindness can be seen in her smile. Skip to 1:35 for the speech.

3. Pia Wurtzbach’s Miss Universe 2015 Final 5 Q&A

It’s rare to see real grace, razor-sharp wit, and legitimate beauty in one single woman. This was Pia’s night, and she outshone all the other candidates (and maybe the rest of humanity) with her perfect performance.

4. Pia Wurtzbach’s Miss Universe 2015 Final 3 Q&A

There are quotable quotes, then there are quotable quotes that become official slogans of entire organizations. See below to revisit Pia’s soon-to-be-iconic “confidently beautiful with a heart” line.

5. Gloria Diaz’s Miss Universe 1969 Q&A

Ah, Gloria Diaz. The original. The first. The most glorious. 1960s pageants are starkly different from the modern ones we’ve come to love, but the ladies weren’t any less amazing. Skip to 2:18 for Gloria’s renowned “man on the moon” Q&A!

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