5 Beauty Products We All Raved About in 2016

5 Highly Raved Beauty Products of 2016 A girl can never really have too many makeup. With all these beauty brands coming up with great new products in gorgeous packaging here and there, we just can’t help but hoard. Whether its the scented makeup palettes or matte lipsticks, they all sold out like crazy, and maybe its not too late to get your hands on these. Here are 2016’s hottest beauty products every beauty junkie couldn’t get enough of.

1. Kylie Matte Lip Kit

The Kylie Lip kit surely tops off this list. It became a viral beauty trend that even knock offs were aplenty! With all the shades inspired by what Kylie Jenner wears herself, who wouldn’t be tempted to try out these lippies?


Photo from @kyliecosmetics

2. Real Technique Brushes

If you find yourself binge-watching Youtube makeup tutorials, you’ve most likely noticed that Real Techniques are every beauty guru’s staple tools. This year, the brand released a bold metals collection that does not only do its job well, but it definitely makes our makeup collection a lot prettier.

Bold metals collection

Photo from @realtechniques. Available at SM Department stores. 

3. Too Faced Palettes

Too Faced took it a step further by releasing makeup that smell as good as it looks– from yummy scents like brownies to peaches. They just added a lot more spice to ordinary palettes!

Too Faced Chocolate Palette

Photo from @toofacedcosmetics. Shop the product here.

4. Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips

Aside from the Kylie lip kit craze, these gorgeous matte lippies also gained just as much attention this year. It’s known for its long-lasting formula!


Photo grabbed from @colourpopcosmetics


5. BECCA Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

We were definitely smitten by this palette at first sight. Following Becca’s fast-selling ‘Champagne Pop’ highlighter last year, this limited edition face palette was launched and it sold out quickly, too. Aside from its luxurious gold packaging, there’s a good mix of shades from champagne to rosy hues.


Photo grabbed from blushingnoir.com. Shop this highlighter here.

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