4 Beauty Swaps You Need To Do This Rainy Season

Rainy weather Now that the scorching heat has been replaced by the wet and cooler weather, the gloomy season can cast a cloud on your beauty–dull locks, parched skin, and melted racoon eyes are a few skin woes to worry about. Luckily, it’s easy to look fresh even when the weather dampens everything. All you need is to swap a couple of your beauty products this season!
1. Boost your mood with brighter nails.

To combat those dreary days, paint your nails with an unexpected bright shade (we’re talking pinks, yellows and whites) for that instant pick-me-up.

 Bright Nails

2. Get that glow on.

The weather may be bad, but when it comes to your beauty–there’s no need to be gloomy. Turn to oil-free cushion foundations to subtly illuminate your skin without a highlighter. This beauty product is more lightweight than liquid foundations (which can easily cause a face-melting effect once humidity strikes).


3. Use lip balms instead of lipsticks.
Cold wind can make your lips dry out fast, so set aside your lipsticks and opt for tinted lip balms to keep your lips moisturised and hydrated without making you look pale! Tinted Lip Balm
4. Put your hair up for a change.
If you’re used to keeping your hair down, it’s time to grab those pins and start keeping them in a bun to keep it fixed all day long. This way, you won’t have to blame the wind for having a bad hair day. If you have the extra time, why not try a braided look for that french twist? Hair Bun   In-Article Images: Pinterest  

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