Tired Of Your Black Jeans? Here’s How To Spice It Up 

If there’s one versatile piece in every girl’s wardrobe, it has to be a pair of black jeans. The street style crowd swear by this essential piece and it’s easy to see why. It’s a look that gives off an effortful impression without seeming like you’re trying too hard.

But if ever you feel bored of your black jeans, we’re here to guide you through new ways to style the classic piece, inspired by today’s hottest street style looks

Take the athleisure route and inject some color to your tops. A colored textured jacket (most especially when it comes in fur) is always a great way to accent basic black jeans. 

The 80s called, and we’re bringing back the smart, retro dressing. Channel the classics but with a modern spin by wearing a double-breasted blazer with thigh high boots. Stick to monochrome hues to keep it chic and not too flashy. 

Leopard print is a bold trend to rock but when paired with a pair of black jeans, the audacious look becomes a lot more wearable. 

As proven by this streetwear OOTD, an of-the-moment pair of red high ankle boots can make denim look anything but dull. 

In-article images: Style Du Monde

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