5 Health and Wellness Hacks To Cop Kourtney Kardashian’s Glow

Kourtney Kardashian is arguably one of the most down-to-earth among her sisters. We also can’t help but point out the fact that the 38-year-old mother of three looks ridiculously good for her age. During interviews in the past, the star has shared that her dairy and gluten-free diet has contributed to her glow, but she shares a number of other secrets as well.

Scroll down below to learn about her best health and wellness tips she revealed on her website! 

1. Using apple cider vinegar as shampoo


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The Kardashian shares that on her days off from washing her hair, she rinses her locks with apple cider vinegar. She mentions that it has properties that gently clean the hair and scalp: “It’s known for holding in moisture without stripping your hair of its natural oils.”

2. Sipping a cup of green tea before meals


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The eldest sibling of the Kardashian-Jenner clan reveals that she drinks a cup of green tea with almond milk to avoid unnecessary food cravings. She uses it as a healthy alternative until her main entree arrives.

3. Saying goodbye to deodorant 



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Instead of using deodorant, Kardashian–who promotes living an all-natural lifestyle–reaches for a homemade antiperspirant. The ingredients? It’s simply made out of baking soda and cornstarch! 

4. Squatting before taking a shower


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“I am obsessed with lifting my butt. So before I get in the shower I will do 100 deep squats,” she once told Hello! magazine. For a busy person like her, she enjoys multitasking to stay on top of her schedule.

5. Eating avocado pudding for breakfast


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Her go-to breakfast? Avocado pudding that includes whole milk and Manuka honey. She shares that aside from the health benefits this meal carries, the protein from the avocado also keeps her full until lunchtime.

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