3 Humid Weather-Ready Pieces To Wear To Work

tryy With the hot and humid weather, dressing up for work can get tricky–you wouldn’t want to show up wearing almost nothing, but you also don’t want to be covered up for the sake of looking good. Either way, heat shouldn’t get in the way of our style. Luckily, surviving without sacrificing your look is possible. Below, these 3 styling tricks will help you beat the heat in style, no less!
1. Wide-leg trousers.


The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you’ll feel. Stick to silhouettes that fall away from your body like wide-leg trousers which allow your legs to let loose on your every stride. After all, we need all the cool air we can get, and opting for body-fitting bottoms only restrict air from coming in.

Get the look: 


Striped Palazzo Trousers, PHP 2,295, Zara


High-Waist Wide Trousers, PHP 2,995, Zara

2. Cotton tops.


Similar to rule #1 above, settle for fabrics that won’t cling to your skin. For humid days, cotton is your best bet. Its soft, lightweight feel allows you to freely move without feeling too hot.

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Knot Poplin Blouse, PHP 1,695, Mango


Ruffle Cotton Blouse, PHP 1,995, Mango

3. Printed pieces. 

When it’s blazing-hot outside, divert the attention away from your sweat and let prints take the spotlight. Colourful patterns and prints work great in hiding your sweat.

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Floral Print Jumpsuit, PHP 2,995, Zara


Floral Print Flowy Dress, PHP 4,995, Mango


In-article images: Mara Hoffman | Vogue

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