5 Lazy-Girl-Approved Ways To Posh Up Your Home

5 Lazy-Girl-Approved Ways To Posh Up Your Home   For the girl who dreams of New York-style apartments, rustic cabins in the Hamptons, and Gossip Girl-worthy pads, listen up as we’re about to pimp out your home with no heavy-lifting required! A modern and contemporary home doesn’t need to break the bank–it just calls for some good ‘ol elbow grease. Hack your way to your dream nook today with these 5 nifty ideas!

1. Build A Liquor Suitcase

Add a vintage flare to your liquor stash with your great grandpa’s old leather suitcase. Attach the luggage on to a foldable table with strong glue and you’re in business! Give your living space a taste of the roaring 20’s with a decorative swing to beautiful bottles of liquid courage.

2. Invest In a Moodspray

Want to set the mood right to any room? Leave it to readily available moodsprays to cast out unwanted odors and demons of any home. This innovation makes use of essential oils and beats bummer air with lavender, bergamot, and lemongrass scents! Catch the good vibes with our fave choice – Mellow Fellow Moodspray.

3. Set Up A Hanging Garden

Let your troubles hang loose with your own suspended succulents. Get crafty with some nylon string, an old towel rack, and some cheeky plants to achieve a fresh and quirky aura in a room. For the quirkiest, go for some cacti!

4. Go For Tiled Coasters

Throw out your drabby rubber coasters and recycle beautifully patterned tiles for your beverages. They don’t just serve your table needs, they also add spunk to a hip and young dining area. Moroccan bath tiles are your best bet for intricate patterns and designs.

5. Stack Your Own Book Nightstand

Dust out your old books and put your stacking skills to the test. Grab the books you haven’t flipped open in years and put them to good use by creating a book pile and sealing it with a glass tabletop. In-article images: The Desi Wonderwoman | Mamabee | Pinterest | The LV Guide

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