5 Makeup Removers You Probably Didn’t Know About

makeup_remover_featured_image You don’t always need to visit the department store every time you run out of makeup remover. Chances are, there are alternatives lying around your house–it’s always a good idea to start looking in the kitchen. Not only are you more likely to find natural ingredients, which are of course better for your skin, but it’s also one way to give your wallet a chance to breathe. So before you head on to the nearest counter to stock on your regular makeup removers, try these products at home and you just might actually love it.

1. Plain Frozen Yogurt


This might just be the most unusual choice, but surprisingly, it’s also a makeup remover disguised as a delicious dessert. In case you find yourself in a makeup removing emergency, go for the yogurt in your fridge (make sure it’s the plain one). Scoop a small amount, put it on a cotton ball, and apply it on your face. Simply wash it off afterwards with water to remove any residue!

2. Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jelly is a good budget-friendly alternative to makeup removers. Use your fingers or a cotton ball and easily swipe this on your eye area to remove stubborn eye makeup, from waterproof mascaras to liquid liners.

3. Olive Oil 


Similar to petroleum jelly, olive oil is also a great makeup remover for eye makeup.

4. Coconut Oil 


Coconut oil is not just good for your hair or your skin. It’s a natural ingredient that works wonders in removing face makeup. Simply get a handful. Rub your hands together to melt it and gently spread it all over your face. Massage for a few minutes and wipe everything off with a facial cloth or a cotton pad to remove your makeup.

5. Baby Oil


Turns out, baby oil doesn’t just make a baby’s skin soft. It also does the trick in removing pigments from your face. Since its basically formulated for babies, it’s gentle and soothing to the skin.

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