5 Not-So-Basic Neutral Nail Ideas You Need To Try Now

Set aside those bold nail polish, nude fingernails are here and it’s equal parts feminine and clean. But instead of only swiping a solid nude shade, we’ve listed down ways you can channel neutral nails without looking like a basic girl (because you can better than that). The trick? Dainty accents are key. From ombre to lace, scroll through for some mani pegs!
1. The Ombre 
If the classic french mani is starting to bore you, take it up a notch by keeping the white tips in an soft ombre style. Watch this tutorial to find out how.
2. The Lace Effect
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Intricate lace details never fail to show off your ultra-feminine side.
3. The Star Studded

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Up your charm to a whole new (out-of-this-world) level with graphic stars on your nude nails. It’s the kind of nail art that still looks chic, and not too flashy.
4. The Stripes
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Reminding us of a candy cane, these ultra-thin stripes on neutral manis look undeniably sweet.
5. The Minimalist Dots

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Who would have thought that a couple of dots can make a huge difference? Nothing screams cool girl better than these nails. The added three dots are understated yet statement-making.

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