5 Oily Skin Myths Filipinas Need To Break Free From

If you have oily skin that can look like a greaseball by midday, we know it’s easy for you to say no to a lot of shine-inducing beauty products (think: highlighters and beauty oils). But believe or not, these items don’t actually make your face look oilier. In fact, you’re only missing out on all its glow-inducing benefits. 

Here, we’ve broken down 5 common oily skin myths that every girl needs to stop believing to get their face glowing, not shining.

Myth #1: Highlighters aren’t your best friend.

Adding more shine to oily skin may seem like a bad decision, but hey, there’s always a way for oily-skinned girls to get that dewy glow on. For slick-prone skin, powder highlighters are the way to go. Using a damped sponge (the moisture will help the powder sink into your skin), sweep the highlight on the high points of your face. Avoid applying it on areas where you have larger pores as the highlight will only accentuate it.


Face Illuminator, PHP 2, 112, Laura Mercier

Myth #2: Avoid beauty oils.

Contrary to popular belief, not all oils make your skin look shiny. In fact, facial oils (those that contain plant and nut oil-based ingredients) can help balance your skin’s sebum production and moisturize the skin. Apply this during the night to wake up with a smoother face.


Huile Prodigieuse (Face, Body and Hair Oil), Nuxe 

Myth #3: Go matte all the way.

All you’re probably thinking of is going matte, matte and more matte, but an overly powdered face can appear too flat and too dull. The trick? Work with your natural shine. Using a damped sponge (this helps avoid a cakey finish), only apply powder on the areas where you get particularly oily.


Ultra HD Pressed Powder, PHP 1,776, Make Up For Ever 

Myth #4: Skip the moisturizer.  

Yes, some moisturizers tend to feel heavy on the skin, making you look even oilier on humid days. However, bare in mind that skipping hydration will make your skin produce more oil (oily skin is caused by moisture imbalance). Try non-comedogenic moisturizers like Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Moisturizer For All Skin Types. 


Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (For All Skin Types), PHP 943, Beauty MNL 

Myth #5: An oily skin is a dirty skin. 

Remember those days when you get so oily by midday that it makes you feel like your face is dirty? Sure, your skin is producing a lot of oil, but oily skin isn’t produced by dirt. Believing this will only make you want to overly-wash your face, which will later on produce more shine.


In-article image: Raymond Santiago

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