5 Perfume Mistakes That Make Your Scent Fade Faster

Spritzing a perfume seems to be the easiest step in your beauty routine. After all, you just spray and go, how complicated can that be? However, this is where most women unknowingly get it wrong. If you find yourself re-applying that fragrance everytime its scent fades, you’re not only burning some cash, but you’re also not making the most out of your favorite bottle. Scents can be a lot of work to maintain, but smelling fresh all day is the ultimate pay-off. Below, we’ve listed down the common perfume mistakes you need to break free from, stat:

Mistake # 1: You’re storing them in a hot and humid place.

Sure, it looks good on your Instagram-ready vanity, but the heat and the sun can affect the aroma of your perfume, as it damages its content (a.k.a essential oils, alcohol, etc). Instead, store them in cool places such as the fridge or the bathroom. This will help retain its scent for years.
How to apply perfume
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Mistake # 2: You’re not layering.

Yes, this technique will not only keep you sartorially warm. To strengthen your perfume’s staying power, you can either dab a moisturizer, beauty oil, or petroleum jelly on your pulse points (wrist, nape, ankle, etc). Moisture in your skin will help lock in the scent. P.S. Try an unscented product to avoid overpowering the perfume’s smell.
How to apply perfume
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Mistake # 3: You’re rubbing your wrists together after spritzing.

Contrary to popular belief, doing this only lessens the lifespan of your scent. As every fragrance is built with a top note, middle note and base note, rubbing your wrists together quickly removes the top notes faster than intended, leaving you with the middle and base notes. After spraying your perfume, let it air dry on its own to get its full scent.
How to apply perfume
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Mistake # 4: You fail to keep your perfume sealed.

There’s a reason why these bottles come with a cap—and no, it’s not just to avoid spilling them in your purse. Ever wondered why some of your fragrance just don’t smell as good as it was when you bought it? Apart from an expiry date, exposing the perfume to air for too long can oxidize its content. Make sure to keep your fragrance sealed to lock in its scent.
How to apply perfume
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Mistake # 5: You’re spraying it on the wrong areas.

If you’re guilty of mindlessly spritzing your perfume all over your body, this one’s for you. Apart from your pulse points, spraying the fragrance on unexpected areas like your hair helps hold the scent even longer than the skin. So for a lasting impression, spritz that perfume on your locks and you’ll naturally leave a trail as you move from one place to another.

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