5 Shaving Hacks You’ll Need For Smoother Legs This Summer

Sun’s out, and you’re ready to show some skin this season. If you don’t have time to visit the waxing salon for a spontaneous beach trip, here’s how you can get a better shaving experience at home (without harming your skin). We’ve listed down 5 shaving hacks that will come in handy during this skin-bearing season!

1. Replace your shaving cream with baby oil or coconut oil. 

Aside from letting you see clearly while you shave, baby oil’s smooth texture will help your razor work smoothly. Coconut oil, on the other hand, will moisturize your skin while shaving, leaving it soft and safe from painful burns.

2. Shave upwards. 

Contrary to popular belief, the most effective way to shave is by going against the growth of the hair, instead of with it–move from the bottom to the top! It helps get rid of all the hair.

3. Exfoliate before shaving. 

Wipe away dead skin and build-up from your skin beforehand, and you’ll experience a smoother shave! Exfoliating will also help get rid of annoying bumps like ingrown hairs which usually make shaving more difficult (and painful) to do.

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4. Shave after showering. 

The steam from warm water will open up your pores and soften your hair, making the whole process a lot smoother, pun intended.

5. Go for shorter strokes. 

Shorter strokes will ensure you’ll have a cleaner shave, compared to doing long strokes wherein you might miss out on patches of hairs.

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