5 Shoe Styles Every Working Woman Should Own

powershoes_featured_image Nothing wows like a woman who’s dressed to take on the world. But we understand, powerdressing is not always easy. Choosing an outfit is one thing, matching it with the perfect shoes is another. Good news is, when it comes to shoes, you only need 6. You have these basics and you’re good, boss lady! Walk the hallways like they’re your own personal runway and get ready to climb the corporate ladder—in the most fashionable pair! Check out these 6 staple styles that every powerdresser should own.
1. Classic black pumps
screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-5-18-22-pm You can never go wrong with a pair of classic black pumps. It works with any outfit and always adds instant polish and sophistication to your look, whether you’re dressed up or down.
2. Patent leather loafers
2016-fashion-british-pointed-toe-flats-loafers-women-patent-leather-tassel-flats-black-spring-autumn-casual Menswear-inspired shoes are stylish and definitely make a statement. They offer the same level of sophistication as your pumps do, but without killing your legs.
3. Nude pumps
d8bda25b11d727829c4fb6a0cdbd8780 Just like your black ones, a pair of nude pumps is a go-to style. It’s classic so you can easily pair it with whatever outfit you feel like wearing, plus its nude tone makes your legs appear longer.
4. Sophisticated flats
4666836-1For days when your legs need a break. Being able to live in heels is a skill most of us have yet to learn. Choose ones with a chic design that would compensate for its lack of height.
5. Ankle-strap sandals
img-thing Sleek ankle-strap sandals are classy and elegant, and can bring you from presentation day with your boss to date night with bae.   For more shoe stories: Back to Basics: How to Style Basic Heels Heels as Comfy as Your Flats

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