5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

stay_fit_while_traveling_feature_image It’s the holiday season, and aside from the fact that we eat more during this time (hello, lechon!), a lot of us also travel more. A combination that usually leaves us bloating by the time new year rolls around, because more eating, less exercising. Going on vacation isn’t an excuse to skip that 15-minute work out. There are ways to get you moving while exploring a new city. Here are a few things you could try.
1. Check out the hotel gym
fitnesscentercrop-833x468 Yes, they have it. And if you’re checked in at a decent hotel, they’ve probably got everything you need, from a complete set of equipment to nice shower and locker rooms. Also, if you can’t sleep because of the 13-hour time difference, working out is a great way to beat that jetlag—kills two birds with one stone!
2. Eat like you would on a normal day back home
dcef6fd7b9a25b78a592fa847bedbe3b Your diet (or at least your regular eating habit) doesn’t have to go on vacation when you do. Sure, there are lots of local foods you want to try at the country you’re visiting, but be conscious of how much you consume. You don’t want to be 5 kilos heavier by the time you return home because of all that ramen you had during your your 5-day holiday in Japan.
3. Walk as much as you can
Katie Cassidy, Selena Gomez and Leighton Meesteron the set of 'Monte Carlo' filming on the Arts BridgeParis, France - 22.06.10**Only available for publication in Germany, the UK, Austria and Switzerland, Portugal, Canada, United Arab Emirates & China. Not available for the rest of the world**Mandatory Credit: WENN.com If number two is almost impossible, at least do a lot of walking to burn off the extra calories you just had to take in. It’s goof for your heart, too!
4. Pack work-out clothes
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-43-31-am If all you had with you on your trip were fancy clothes that are too good to sweat in, exercising wouldn’t even cross your mind. Pack a few pieces of athletic wear and a pair of trainers to give motivate you to move.
5. Schedule work out time as part of your itinerary
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-4-02-22-pm Use it as an excuse to explore the new place even more. Wake up an hour earlier and go for a pre-breakfast run or walk. A 30-minute jog around the neighborhood you’re staying in is a good way to sightsee and discover nice places that are not in the usual tourist’s list. You can also try work outs that are unique to the country you’re traveling to, or famous fitness spots in the city you’re staying in.

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