5 Steps To Getting Natural Glowy Skin Before A Big Event

nuxe_featured2 The day before a big event whether it’s a wedding, a ball, or maybe a big night out painting the town, is a crucial day for skin prep. We know what you’re thinking, “how much do you need to scrub, peel, and soak before the big day ahead?” We’ve got news for you, the day before an event is actually a good prep day for giving your skin the rest and pampering it deserves. Forget all the heavy-duty products and hard movements as we debunk the day before routine and give you the soothing neutrals that your skin needs more. Where do we scout for the best soothers in the big world of skincare? We look to Nuxe products to revive our skin to its natural supple state.

1. Refresh Through Rose Water


Micellar water is one of the newest addition to the wide selection of personal skincare. Cleanse your face from impurities while respecting the layers of your skin. Mist your face through a spray, even better through an atomizer for total coverage. What we love: Micellar Cleansing Water With Rose Petals.

2. Hydrate and Soothe With Nature


Make sure to check and research moisturizing serums for natural elements. Keep it au naturale with plant milks and flower extracts for total moisturizing and soothing action. Apply in even amount around your face in soft, gentle taps. What we love: Crème Fraiche De Beaute Moisturizing Serum.

3. Nourish Your Puckers


Lock in moisture a day ahead with a balm that doubles as a repair stick. Use a daily moisturizing product on your lips that mends dry, damaged, and chapped lips. Apply twice a day during your downtime. What we love: Reve De Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick.

4. Eyes On The Bags


One of the most crucial areas to take care of days ahead revolve around the eye zone. The under-eye area is the most prone to discoloration and unwanted stress lines. Invest in an anti-fatigue and anti-puffiness cream that cools and decongests your eyes naturally. Dab the product around around eye in slow tapping motion so as not to create friction with your skin. What we love: Crème Prodigieuse Eye Contour.

5. Avoid Desert Locks Stat!

More likely than not, a big event will call for some salon time in getting you red carpet-ready. Nourish and prep your hair by hydrating your strands with natural oils that aren’t harsh on your scalp. On the day of the event, sparingly apply after hot styling tools to maintain the softness of your hair. What we love: Huile Prodigieuse. In-article images: Pinterest

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