5 Stunning Travel Destinations To Visit This 2017

5 Stunning Travel Destinations To Visit This 2017 A new year means a whole lot of new adventures. Forget the usual travel spots and opt for a fresher destination. If you’re planning to go on a vacation soon, we’ve zeroed in on the most beautiful places you would want to explore in 2017. Just looking at the photos makes us want to book that flight, stat!

1. Cuba


With its Retro cars, old buildings, and pastel walls, you’ll feel like you went back in time. This country is brimming with captivating culture, history and mystique– it’s undeniably an exciting place to visit. One of their many tourist spots is the Old Plaza in Havana (Cuba’s captial city). You’ll find vintage cars still cruising around the streets, European style buildings still in its righteous form, jazz musicians at cafes, and even bars for a lively nightlife.

2. Myanmar


Expect Golden Tupas as high as skycrapers, ancient ruins, and pagodas at Myanmar. For a more adventurous yet peaceful travel, flying to this country is the way to go. A hot-air balloon ride over the gorgeous plains of Bagan is not one to miss and it’s definitely one for the books too! You can also go electric biking or ride a horse carriage to wander around the temples. And either by riding the air balloon or even just by staying on top of a pagoda, you’ll get a chance to watch the peaceful sunrise.

3. Ireland


Ireland is a small country filled with green fields, castles, and stunning ocean side cliffs. But aside from its sceneries, you can also try something new here like catching a play at Dublin or even try a traditional music session at one of their pubs. In case you didn’t know, Ireland is known for having friendly locals. So whether you want to wander in a green countryside or just want to have a good time, you would love it in Ireland.

4. Portugal


Cobblestone streets, golden beaches, and medieval castles—these are just some of things that you’ll find in Portugal. This country lies between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, so you’ll find exceptional beaches with clear blue waters. Paying a visit to Lisbon (It’s capital city) is also a must where you can find food markets, gothic towers, and museums. Portugal’s scenery–which almost looks like a postcard– are worth every Instagram snap.

5. Mongolia


Here’s to the people who loves the great outdoors. Mongolia has a striking countryside, rocky mountains, and lakes. It’s raw scenery is definitely a sight worth seeing. Some of the travel spots you can visit here are the Gobi desert which is one of the most unusual desert landscapes in the world, the Khuvsgul lake and even the Trelj National Park for adventure sport activities with a great view!

Photo credits: dreamstime.com | traveller.com.au | chooseireland.com | touropia.com | lonelyplanet.com

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