5 Styling Hacks That Will Change The Way You Dress

Let’s face it: even if you have a huge wardrobe, you’ll still have those days when you don’t know what to wear. All the pieces you recently shopped for seem to never be enough. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to keep adding more to an already ample assemblage. Instead, analyze your wardrobe and start combining pieces that can look like an entirely brand new look. Try these styling hacks below!

1. Go Monochromatic 

Go monochromatic As seen on designer collections like The Row and Roksanda, monochrome seems to never go out of style. It’s the quick fix to a cohesive and effortlessly cool look. Choose one shade and wear pieces that all belong in the same color family–think peach with tangerine or a muted apricot with tan.

2. Mix Prints  

Mix prints Matching print with print is usually a move most people prefer to stay away from, but it’s most definitely a show-stopping look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Start small by pairing the same prints together such as floral or vertical stripes, then work your way into pairing more diverse ones like bright houndstooth with animal print.

3. Focus On The Tee

Focus on the tee A fool-proof hack to getting out the door in seconds while still looking chic? Choose one piece and make it the focus of the outfit. In this case, it’s the cool girl-approved statement shirt.

4. Take Athleisure Outside The Gym

Athleisure The all-over athleisure aesthetic has been all the rage in high-end streetwear and it’s sported by fashion enthusiasts for their off-duty style. Take comfort to the streets by wearing trackies, hoodies, and trainers or by pairing them with your everyday outfit.

5. Fuse Unlikely Pairs

Unlikely Pairs Take a look at the assortment in your wardrobe. Now, analyze the casual pieces and then move over to the workwear. Mixing streetwear with tailored pieces is a great way to create a whole new ensemble. Take your tailored checkered trousers and match it with a logo tee for a look that says ‘modern cool girl’. You can also fuse black cigarette trousers with a deconstructed top to play with cuts and silhouettes.   In-article photos: Elle UK | Masha Sedgwick | PopSugar | Sandra Semburg | Topshop

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