6 Filipina Beauty Gurus You Should Follow Right Now

youtubers_featured_image Every girl who needs a quick makeup tutorial must have at some point landed on Youtube. Whether or not you’re a makeup newbie, its undeniably helpful to learn a thing or two about creating a look in less than an hour. We gathered 6 rising Filipina Youtubers who have been making a name for themselves, and if you haven’t been following them, you should start now!

1. Michelle Dy

Gone are the days when makeup tutorials were only literally about makeup. Michelle Dy will make you laugh on her random beauty “hugot” videos while still learning from her proper makeup tutorials, like this video. From budget-friendly beauty tips to random makeup challenges, you’ll find all these in her channel.

2. Janina Vela 

At 17, this rising Youtuber already has 100k+ followers on both her Instagram and Youtube accounts. For all things light and easy, follow Janina for quirky videos on fashion, beauty and sometimes the awkward moments of life.

3. Say Tioco

If you’re entertained by watching hauls on Youtube or even some daily vlogs (video + blogging), head on to Say Tioco’s channel. This girl is keen on making her vlogs, taking you with her to events, where you’ll discover the best local beauty finds.

4. Anne Clutz

Watch this beauty guru as she does makeup swatches, reviews, and anything beauty-related. If you want to find out whether the products you’re eyeing actually works, check out Anne’s channel! Her sweet and casual vibe will definitely win you over, too.

5. Anna Cay

This girl’s makeup ranges from the luxurious beauty products (think Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dior) to local drugstore finds. This beauty guru will give you several product reviews, food adventures with her boyfriend, and videos of her daily life whether at home or at events. She’ll take you with her!

6. Ana Victorino

Looking for a Youtuber to watch for your last-minute beauty needs? Ana Victorino’s makeup may seem difficult to achieve, but you’ll be surprised at just how easy you can copy it with her quick makeup tutorials. Watch her cop the looks of Kendall JennerPia Wurtzbach and more!