6 Kendall Jenner Looks You Can Definitely Steal

Print You may not have her million dollar closet or her enviable connections to world famous designers (I mean, who does?), but that doesn’t mean you can’t strut your stuff the Kendall Jenner way! If she can look glamorous in a white loose tee that you probably only wear to sleep, what’s holding you back from rocking that old ukay-ukay find and a neglected pair of jeans sitting at the back of your closet? For all you know, there’s more to your pambahay than meets the eye! Here are six laidback but gorge OOTDs from our favorite Kardashian/Jenner sister that you can definitely get inspiration from. (You’re welcome!) We won’t be surprised if you already have some of these outfit pieces in your closet.  

1. White Loose Tee + Lazy Drawstring Pants + Pointy Flats

hbz-kendall-jenner-street-style-look-42-62479887 Girls, it’s all about the knot. It doesn’t matter how loose your shirt is; if you have killer knotting skills, you can make any shirt look sex-ay (Okay, maybe not that free shirt you got from a toothpaste promo booth, with a huge print of its logo in the middle). Add a touch of fancy to your look by wearing a nice pair of shoes and the right accessories, and you’re paparazzi ready!  

2. Plain Black Tee + Denim Capri Pants + Black Pumps 0fedaefe3c1afa4e97b0894b13cdb05c

                                                The black tee would probably look blah on its own, but if you pair it with stylish pants, black pumps for a touch of glam, aviators, and maybe a baseball cap, you‘ll instantly pump up the drama of your entire ensemble!

3. Tank Top + Tattered Jeans + Cardigan

k                                                     Even the most basic piece of garment can make you look like a supermodel off duty; you just have to figure out what to match them with, and of course, the appropriate occasion to wear them to. While you should know better than to sport a white spaghetti strap tank to a fancy dinner party, wearing them stylishly for a quick trip to the mall or an afternoon hangout with friends, would make you look all sorts of cute! Pair it with a pair of trendy, tattered pants with matching cardigans tied around the waist like Kendall!  

4. Basic Shirt + Cute Pencil Skirt + Heels

main.original.640x0c Here’s another example of upping your t-shirt game. Pick a cute pencil skirt, tuck the shirt in and walk in a pair of high heels, preferably metallic silver ones. Chic! You can even wear this on date night!  

5. Cropped top + Skinny Jean + Stilettos

kendallcroptop                                                 You know you can never go wrong with classic black stilettos. They automatically take a rather casual getup to the next level. Add a shoulder chain bag to complete the rock-glam effect.  

6. Black Shirt + High-Waist Jeans + Black Sneakers

zpoxs9-l                                                 Either choose a black cropped top or use a regular tee and tie it at the back (again, the knotting skills would come in handy) to reveal a little bit of your stomach for that Kendall effect. Wear it with high waist jeans and nice black sneakers, and voila! You’re a style superstar!

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