7 Bags You Can’t Survive Without

f5d8055fe19a0e41c7ba6d5742674f7a The urban jungle is a wild, exciting, dangerously fun world. Every woman needs her survival kit, and handbags were invented for that very purpose. They have evolved from utilitarian items into works of art, status symbols, an expensive hobby for some, but for the minimalist, these are the seven absolute essentials.

1. The throw-everything-in tote

A woman on-the-go needs a lot of stuff to go around the city with her–cosmetics, a change of clothes, comfy flats, an iPad, even a pet dog. But you don’t have to limit yourself to oversimple totes that make you look like you’re going to the supermarket. If you’re going big, go beautiful too!

2. The business black

Black is not even a colour, but it just has to be there. Look for a clean, structured satchel to bring to the office, formal meetings, or anywhere you want to be taken seriously.

3. The chic clutch

For nights out, formal events, and romantic dates. It has to be classic enough to be versatile, but sexy enough to be worthy of your womanly charms.

4. The pretty purse

We all need a cute purse that’s not too big, not too small, not too casual and not too formal…with just a hint of flirtiness. Dependable and divine, you’ll find yourself reaching for it often.  

5. The casual weekender

For random road trips and quick flights. You can even use it for the gym.

6. The statement piece

Every girl needs a handbag that screams out her inner awesomeness. Go wild or go home!

7. The big-girl backpack

For super casual days, the chic backpack is a hands-free, convenient, and roomy companion. It also adds youthful cool to your ensemble.


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