7 Celebrity Makeup Artists You Should Get Your Inspo From

makeup_artist_on_intstagram_featured_image If you’ve been loving all the makeup looks posted by your favorite celebrity on Instagram, you might as well follow the people behind them. Whether you plan to do your own makeup for an event or you just need a dose of pretty, these makeup artists’ IG feeds will leave you with enough makeup inspiration to keep you on a beauty high all day. Check out the fairy godmothers (aka makeup artists) of Sofia Andres, Elisse Josonn, Kathryn Bernardo and more:

Effie Go

Using neutral tones, Effie created this bronzed look on Sofia Andres, and we love it!

A photo posted by Effie Go Iñigo (@effieinigo) on

Mark Qua Mark Qua, lead makeup artist of Laura Mercier PH, is behind the fresh and dainty looks of Elisse Josonn that we so want to steal!
A photo posted by Qua Mark kingson (@mkqua) on

Jelly Eugenio

If you’re a fan of Nadine Lustre’s looks, head on to Jelly’s Instagram and check out his creations. This look in particular, with the bold orange lips and gold eyeshadow, would be perfect for your night outs. Want to know more about Jelly’s go-to looks? Read more about it here.

A photo posted by Jelly Eugenio (@jellyeugenio) on
Anthea Bueno For a young artist like Ylona Garcia, this barely there makeup look by Anthea definitely evokes a fresh vibe. 
A photo posted by Anthea Bueno (@antheabueno) on

Denise Go Ochoa

It’s all about the browns! Take inspiration from Kathryn’s look by Denise Go if you want to bring out an edgy and fierce vibe.

Mickey See We all know (and definitely won’t forget) how swoon-worthy Liza was during the Star Magic Ball. In case you haven’t checked, Mickey see was behind this glowing look. 
A photo posted by Mickey See (@mickeysee) on

Robbie Pinera

Here’s a stunning sultry makeup on GMA star Max Collins by Robbie Pinera.

A photo posted by robbiepinera (@robbiepinera) on

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