We pay tribute to the best and most stylish films from the 70s
Oct 8, 2015 | by Sarah Santiago, Art by Alexandra Lara

70s style movies-opener

Fashion is waxing nostalgic on the 70s, which means it’s time to bring out the goods—fur coats, sequins, lamé, sensational gowns, bell-bottoms, sleek pantsuits, more leather, buttoned denim skirts and everything else that screams Studio 54. But before you sift through the racks of your favorite retail stores and replace your wardrobe with everything Bianca Jagger and Ali MacGraw would wear, we count down the films we’ve taken sartorial notes from. Keep scrolling to check out the 7 Stylish 70s Movies!
ALMOST FAMOUSkate-hudson-almost-famous

Kate Hudson in that fur-trimmed coat, peasant blouse and suede skirt pairings and air of cool. If you love music and fashion, then you must have already seen Almost Famous. If not, please do yourself a favor and watch it—now.

AMERICAN HUSTLERosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence) & Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) in the Grand Old AC Hotel powder room in Columbia Pictures' AMERICAN HUSTLE.

American Hustle costume designer Michael Wilkinson got sensational dresses and everything 70s right and made fashion heroes out of Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence.

ANNIE HALLAnnie-Hall-Fashion_

Diane Keaton borrowed from the boys and made vests over button-downs, ties and oversized trousers fashionable.


Bell-bottoms, jumpsuits and Farrah Fawcett’s hair. Enough said.


Don’t dismiss this biographical sports drama as a men’s-only flick. Olivia Wilde’s stylish entrance to James Hunt’s (played by Chris Hemswroth) garage wearing a feathered hat and shearling coat is a can’t-miss fashion moment.


Michelle Pfeiffer is the incarnation of pure and unadulterated glamour in Scarface. That all-white tailored jacket and overlap pencil skirt and her sexy-slinky gowns are everything.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER026-john-travolta-theredlist

More than the women’s fashion, we love John Travolta’s iconic white suit in Saturday Night Fever. Anyone else think Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking look might have been inspired by Travolta?

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