7 Times Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Traveled In Style


The news about the recent engagement of Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis broke the Internet yesterday. This adventurous couple are well-traveled before tying the knot. They have visited common tourist spots like Japan to unique places to see like Chile. In their whole time together, they’ve been to more than 20 countries– and well, they both wandered in style.

Check out what #ErwAnne wore in their travel adventures. P.S. Prepare for heart-melting feels and some style inspo for your next trip!

1. This couple both played with dressy pieces and paired it with casual vacation getups like Erwan’s shorts and Anne’s swimsuit top.

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2. Both in an all-black sleek ensemble. They definitely nailed the classy Parisian look while wandering in France!  erwanne14-060915 3. We are loving their outfit combinations here. Anne is in her dainty getup, while Erwan is sporting a cool traveler vibe with his colored socks, brown leather shoes and a hat. 
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4. Remember when Anne and Erwan traveled to Chile? They both wore basic pieces but the hint of black in their outfits (especially their matching black shades) gave off an edgy feel. 


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5. They may not have went for the prints to nail that Safari look, but they definitely went for the Safari colors.


6. The play of prints made their look a lot more interesting– especially for a festival in Japan. 


7. When in doubt, opt for basic pieces! 


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