8 Easy Ab Exercises: Start Working on Your Beach Body As Early As Now

costum-baie-sexi-copy Summer is coming (in a couple of months, but still). Do we wanna look at our reflections some time in March and see something we don’t like? No, no we don’t. And that is exactly why we need to start sculpting our bodies while we still have time! One of the most noticeable–and therefore more important–areas of the body is the torso. No matter how cute your swimsuit is, it’s hard to feel sexy when you’ve got cellulite and belly rolls hanging out. From the comfort of your own home, dedicate at least 20 minutes of your day to these 10 easy exercises.
1. Plank Up Downs

0:32 | 8 reps for each side

2. Bird Dogs

1:15 | 15 reps for each side

3. Finishers

1:45 | 8 reps for each side

4. Russian twists

2:17 | 30 reps

5. Body Saws / Towel

2:58 | 10 reps

6. Plank Shoulder Taps

3:29 | 10 reps each side

7. Scissors

4:18 | 30 reps

8. Leg Toss / Partner

4:46 | 16 reps each person

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