A Cheat Sheet On How To Use Your Flaws To Your Advantage

If pretty hurts, is ugly an option? We say it is as we celebrate what makes you perfectly imperfect by working with what you have. Here’s a cheat sheet on how to use your flaws to your advantage:

Spot On prettyugly Au naturel or not, the freckle-faced beauty is trending for a reason. Rock it with barely-there makeup – a bronzed eye and ombre lips are spot on.

Brows On Thick prettyugly2 Gone are the days when thin was in – big is definitely back. Hide those tweezers, embrace the browmance, and seal the deal with perfectly peach, pretty puckers.

Dew Or Die prettyugly3 We were made to think that oily skin equates to looking ugly, when a little tweaking with your foundation and skincare can elevate oily to gorgeously dewy. Just think: Koreans are dying to achieve this look when it comes naturally to most of us.

Baby Got Bag prettyugly4 Just like with our dewy skin tendencies, Koreans go gaga over having eyebags for that perfect eye smile. Accept the excess baggage (there’s really no way of removing them aside from constantly getting a good night’s sleep) and make your peepers pop some more with pretty lashes.

Rash Hour prettyugly5 Whether an allergic reaction or just red in the face, don’t be embarassed of your flushed look – more and more beauty trends are going out of the box, and sunburnt or winburnt faces are some of them. Compliment your pretty in pink face with a matching lip.

Acne Corp prettyugly6 We tend to pile on the makeup and attempt to cover our breakouts when actually this is exactly the worst thing ever for your skin. Let your skin breathe and heal naturally by avoiding pimple areas. Focus instead on getting that perfect brow, eyeshadow, and matte lips.

This article was originally published on Vol. 2 of Meg’s February 2017 E-Magazine Text, creative direction, and styling: RJ Roque | Assisted by: Danica Familara | Photography by Rxandy Capinpin | Makeup & Hair: Hanna Pechon | Models: Wanda Chen and Lisette Bendicion

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