A Clueless Girl’s Guide To Multi-Masking

A Clueless Girl's Guide To Multi-Masking 2 If it’s taking you too long to decide whether to pick a hydrating or a brightening sheet mask, take it as a clear sign that you need to try the emerging beauty trend: multi-masking! As of late, there are several  “masking” options that don’t limit yourself to only two paths–line-smoothing, anti-aging, deep-cleansing, name it. Different areas of your face has different conditions, so one mask isn’t really enough to heal it all. Below, follow these steps to get in on the latest skincare trend:
1. Know your problem areas.

Understanding your skin is essential–you have to know which parts need oil-control or which areas crave for a boost of hydration. So to help you assess your skin, simply use an oil control film. The result? Apart from obviously knowing the oily parts of your face, the strips with less oil are your dry-to-normal areas.

2. Pick the right face mask. 
Mix and match the kinds of face mask you need for a tailor-fit skin treatment. For a variety of mask options, we recommend trying L’Oreal‘s latest clay masks, which are all purposely made for multi-masking. It comes with four types: anti-pores (oil control, refine pores, and remove blackheads), illuminating (renewing, smoothening and radiance), detoxifying (draw out and capture impurities) and hydration (hydrate, purify and soften). 
3. Be strategic. 
Once you figured out what you need (see step 1), map out a plan (think applying the illuminating mask on your cheeks and oil-control mask on your forehead). But of course, bare in mind that there’s really no right way to apply the mask. After all, you’re “tailor-fitting” the treatment for your skin. So go ahead, spread the product on a clean, bare-face but only on the areas that need it. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.
4. Wipe it off. 

Using a damped face towel, gently wipe off the clay. Doing this will subtly scrub your dead skin cells while taking off the product. Lastly, finish off with a layer of moisturizer to seal-in the benefits of masking!


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