A Face to Watch: Cocovan

cocovana_featured_image Maybe it’s her quirky flair for fashion, her 80s vibe, or her cute Mia Wallace bob (that we so wish we could pull off), but there’s something about Cocovan that we find utterly captivating. The French “Glam Pop” artist is a breath of fresh air, and her recent single “Chic (Someone to Love)” is a reflection of her classic-meets-glam-pop charm. The song, whose music video she directed herself, is already stuck in our heads—don’t be surprised if you find us dancing and lip-syncing to it with a hair brush in hand. screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-2-18-15-pm “The video for ‘Chic (Someone To Love)’ was shot in one take,” explains Coco. “I wanted it to look like the rehearsal for a pop music video. A music video inside a music video, if you will!” Inspired by Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” music video back in the 90s, where she sings to the camera while the crew takes apart the set around her, “Chic” brings to life Coco’s own unique theatrical aesthetic. “When you shoot sequence-shots, there’s this feeling that you are not allowed to fail, when actually it allows imperfections to turn into happy accidents and for magic to happen!” Check out her  video below: