Are Night Out Tops From The 2000s Making A Comeback?

Set your 90s chokers and velvet slip dresses aside because the early 2000s style is making its way back into our wardrobes in a major flashy way. Paris Hilton’s slinky chainmail dress made its comeback at the Fall 2017 runway, and it seems like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and more style mavens got the same memo too. They swapped their regular night out tops for a Britney Spears-inspired denim look or for an itty-bitty crop top that we once saw Natalie Portman wear. It was loud and clear: if you’re running out of party clothes, you can’t go wrong with taking cues from the early ’00s. Trust us, it looks cool again. Need proof? Take it from these looks below!
1. Chainmail Dress
Enter the 2000s nightclub territory with the classic chainmail dress. When Kendall Jenner fully channeled Paris Hilton in this Swarovski crystal-filled look, she just proved that this decade-old style can still look modern in 2017.
Night Out 2000s 5
2. Denim All Over
Denims didn’t only come in the form of jeans and jackets back in the 2000s. It was everywhere–think dresses, vests, jumpers, and yes, even hats (take it from Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake). With a modern combo of a bustier denim top, jeans, and hoop earrings, this casual look is night out-ready.
Night Out 2000s
3. Silk Tank Top 
If your top dont’t have the sparkle, a shining silk camisole is your best bet. This throwback style brings out an effortless kind of glamour for a night out  (let’s not forget that it looks chic by day too).
Night Out 2000s 3
4. Itty-Bitty Crop Top 
In case you missed it, crop tops were a major trend. Sometimes it came in the form of thin bandeaus that’s just enough to cover the chest. But don’t fret if you think it’s too much, Gigi Hadid has a better alternative: opt for high-waisted bottoms. Showing just a peek of your skin leaves a hint of mystery to your look.
Night Out 2000s 2
In-article images: W Magazine | Glamour

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