Balmain x L’Oreal Just Unveiled The Most Dramatic Lip Shades

aff432e3-b9dd-4a8b-8f0e-9f07189015a9-20347319_132788393988551_660212421301895168_n Balmain and L’Oreal are set to drop the fanciest drugstore collection yet. Months after announcing their collaboration, all the shades have been finally revealed, and we can already tell that the #BalmainArmy will once again dominate our feeds. Only this time, the Parisian fashion house’s signature Khaki shade is worn on the lips. Just like we expected, Olivier Rousteing–Balmain’s Creative Director–infused the brand’s rich aesthetic to the lipstick range, so expect a whole lot of glamour and drama.
The collection is split into three stunning color themes namely the Glamazone Tribe, Couture Tribe, and Rock Tribe, which all have distinct attitudes. For anyone who just can’t get enough of nude tones, the Glamazone Tribe features brown (Glamazone), beige (Urban Safari) and even an orange (Fever) shade that can easily spice up a look on a regular day.
Knowing that glamour is a part of Balmain’s DNA, it comes as no surprise that they didn’t miss out on the classic rich red, coral, and purple hues. Their star shade, however, reigned as the most eye-catching: a rose gold lipstick that comes with an empowering name known as ‘Confidence’.
Taking this collection to the bold, edgy territory, darker shades filled the Rock Star Tribe, complete with feisty names like ‘Power’, ‘Rebellion’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Legend’.
Excuse us while we swoon over these dramatic shades. The entire line is set to drop by September so keep your wallets ready!

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