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MEGAstyle takes time to catch up with fashion blogger and travel writer Alyssa Lapid, taking cues on skincare, makeup and summer survival from the wanderlass herself
By Cessi Treñas, Photography Andrea Beldua. Creative Direction by Alexandra Lara. Hair by Jan Edrosolan. Makeup by Jorence Delimos of MAC Cosmetics Picture this: two girls in habitually monochrome outfits, casually conversing as they sit across one another like they’re about to play an elementary game in a school playground. Only rather than a child-friendly courtyard, this offhanded banter takes place in a white-walled studio, with one girl being me and the other being Alyssa Lapid–part-time travel writer, part-time fashion blogger and full-time beauty enthusiast. And, as the small sea of cosmetics between us lays bare, rather than a good old sing-song hand game about family members or local produce, we’re engaged in an easygoing round of Name Your Favorite Beauty Product. A little less childish, but plenty more interesting. “See, I never really knew how to take care of my skin,” Alyssa admits firmly when asked about her personal regimen. Upfront about her knowledge on beauty–or as she sees it, her lack thereof–Alyssa is an obvious novelty in an era filled to the brim with gurus and well-studied experts. Drawing a self-learned mastery of cosmetics from her own experiences, the frequent flyer chooses not to stress over come-and-go skincare fads and products du jour, instead approaching the complex domain of beauty with an refreshingly unruffled air about her. alyssa lapid-beauty profile-megastyle-megastyleph-2
White cross-back top by ELIZ MARCELO, white wide-leg pants by ELIZ MARCELO
When did you first get into beauty products?
I think I’ve always super liked makeup, like as a child, I would use my mom’s lipstick–but apparently, it was concealer.I would just go through her makeup bag as a kid. And in my school, OB Montessori, it’s actually encouraged to wear makeup? So when we were in Grade 5, we had makeup class. Which is weird, because a lot of schools don’t allow it!
What was your first big makeup or skincare investment?
I invested in a moisturizer. I think Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lotion was the first, alongside a Clinique eye cream, because I knew my skin was really dry. For makeup, I don’t remember when, but when I found MAC’s Ruby Woo, that was it for life.
What color palettes do you gravitate towards?
I like smoky eyes, like strong blacks, dark blues and grays, but my everyday look would be gold shimmer. For my lips, it would be either very nude with shades of pink or really red.
Do you have any tips when it comes to skincare or makeup removal?
Yes, don’t be like me! When you remove your makeup, you should have a different eye makeup remover. Sometimes I get really lazy, but apparently it’s a no-no. Also, I don’t think it’s recommendable to keep trying different products. If you find something you really like, stick to it. Something your skin agrees with. Really know what your skin is like, what you’re prone to and what your problem areas are because that’s how you’re going to navigate the beauty realm. [/one_half] [one_half_last]alyssa lapid-beauty profile-megastyle-megastyleph-3[/one_half_last]
Youre frequently on the go. Do you have any tips for taking care of your skin while away from home?
I usually buy those little Muji containers just because I don’t like packing a lot of things. Somehow my luggage is always overweight! Definitely moisturize, especially if you’re going to a cold place. I always bring Vaseline because my lips are so chapped, but I learned that when you put Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly on at night, you have to remove it by morning. You can’t leave it on! alyssa lapid-beauty profile-megastyle-megastyleph-4  
Do you ever use makeup on the beach?
No, I really don’t, except when I know I’m going to take a lot of photos of myself. But, after a beach trip, I know my shade is going to get darker so I have a bronzer that I use to switch shades a bit. I go for a more glowy or sun-kissed look so I can transition.
What is your ultimate beauty tip for the summer?
I use the MAC setting spray (Prep + Prime Fix +). In the summer, I use liquid-based products instead of powder because I think they’re more natural-looking, especially throughout the day when they get absorbed. When you sweat, they don’t cake up. Also, use sunblock! You should use sunblock on a daily basis. products-alyssa lapid-megastyle-megastyleph-skincare favorites   products-alyssa lapid-megastyle-megastyleph-everyday makeup   products-alyssa lapid-megastyle-megastyleph-travel essentials